We are happy that your family is preparing to receive First Communion this year. It is a joyous occasion and we look forward to working with you to make this a memorable event in your family. In order to better prepare your child we need your collaboration by adhering to the following guidelines.


1- First Communion is a two year program, normally 1st grade is Pre-Communion and 2nd grade is First communion. We understand some children, for various reasons, are past 2nd grade and have not done their First Communion. That is fine, but the child will still need the 2 year preparation. We have classes of Pre-Communion and First Communion for all the grades.


2- The child should know the basic prayers of The Lord’s Prayer (Our Father); Hail Mary, Glory and Act of Contrition.


3- Attendance to class is of extreme importance. No more than 4 excused attendances will be allowed for the child to do First Communion in 2015.


4- Parents must attend the 5 meetings a year on Thursday nights (see the calendar for exact dates).


5- We will have a First Communion retreat. The retreat is mandatory.


6- Child and parents must attend the Reconciliation Service.


7- We must have a copy of the child’s birth certificate AND baptism certificate in the office no later than February 15, 2015.


8- Parents must sign out their children every Sunday after class.


9- Students must come to weekly Mass as part of their preparation for First Communion.